The Company

Additional School Programs

Carolina Ballet reaches thousands of students each year with our school programs. These programs seek to bring exposure to the arts to students who would not otherwise have the opportunity and add to the educational experience by linking dance to the core curriculum.

Dancers in Schools

Carolina Ballet began its Dancers in Schools program in 2004, and to date the program has reached over 57,000 public school students throughout North Carolina. This innovative program enhances the educational experience for elementary school students by bringing ballet education into the schools. Dancers in Schools integrates dance with math, science, and healthy living learning standards. During the program, dancers perform a short ballet, demonstrate dance basics at the barre, answer questions about the lives of professional dancers and how ballet can complement students’ learning, and teach students a short dance routine. Through Dancers in Schools, Carolina Ballet strives to provide access to and an awareness of the beauty and athleticism of ballet.

Nutcracker Student Performance

Every season, Carolina Ballet brings the magic of ballet to thousands of students. This season, students will have the opportunity to attend a complimentary 60-minute performance of The Nutcracker specifically designated for school groups. Offered during the school day, the student performance brings the benefits of a fully-produced program to a young audience. Educators will also receive materials to help them familiarize their students with The Nutcracker and connect the performance with students’ classroom learning.