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Alicia Fabry

Alicia Fabry

From: France
Joined: 2006

Alicia Fabry was born in Charleston, South Carolina but was raised in France. She began her study of dance in France and went on to the English National Ballet School in London before joining Ballet Chicago Studio Company directed by Dan Duell. Alicia came to Carolina Ballet in 2005 to perform in Nutcracker and then returned in fall 2006 as a member of the company. She was promoted to Soloist at the beginning of the 2010-2011 season.

Roles Choregraphed on Ms. Fabry:
Twisted Sister in Lynne Taylor Corbett's Dracula
Trio in Robert Weiss's Song of the Dead
The Duck in Robert Weiss's Peter and the Wolf
Soloist role in Tyler Walters’s Kick

Featured Roles with Carolina Ballet:
Effie in La Sylphide by Bournonville
Fairy Godmother and Evil Stepsister in Robert Weiss’s Cinderella
1st theme and Melancholic in Four Temperaments by George Balanchine
Valse Fantaisie lead role by George Balanchine
Principal couple role of the Jokerette in Robert Weiss's The Masque of the Red Death
Fairy of Beauty in Robert Weiss's Sleeping Beauty

Dancer Sponsor: Sandy Sully

Pointe Shoe Sponsor:
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Scott, III