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The Albinoni “Adagio” is one of the most popular pieces of music in the classical canon.  And it is a piece I thought for many years would make an interesting adagio.  As a point of explanation - Everyone knows that a pas de deux is a dance for two people, but does everyone know that a pas de deux usually is made up of several different components – the opening which is generally fast, the slower middle section known as the adagio, the variations, and the coda or ending.  In this case, the adagio is the entire pas de deux, complete in itself, hence the title of the ballet Adagio.  I choreographed it on Margaret Severin-Hansen and Pablo Javier Perez because they had been partnering since the company’s first season.  Their bodies match each other step for step and movement for movement.  In other words, they move as one, which is the effect I was trying to achieve. —Robert Weiss