The Company


Robert Weiss choreographed his full evening Messiah to Handel’s score over two seasons in 1998 and 1999.  It has been presented since then with live singers and orchestral music and tableaux from famous Biblical paintings.  The ballet is a faithful telling of the story of Christ through the lyrics of Handel’s masterpiece.  The preface of the Ballet states –

George Fredric Handel and the great English architect Christofer Wren were not quite contemporaries but their lives did intersect. After the great fire in London in 1666, Wren became the chief architect in London creating some of the most important buildings in the city including St. Paul’s Cathedral and some 50 other churches in and around London.  The congregation gathers in the church for worship and we experience their inner response to Handel’s great oratorio and the elation they feel as the story of the coming of the Messiah is told.  We witness their celebration and their renewed hope and joy of life as well as the despair and angst they feel as they are asked to re-commit themselves to a higher calling while still living in this world.

Carolina Ballet’s Messiah has been performed by the company in Hungary and at the Music Hall in Philadelphia by Pennsylvania Ballet.