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The Stravinsky, Benois, Fokine "Petruschka" took place in a Russian Carnival during Butter Week. It is a dark story centered around three puppets whose souls are controlled by a charlatan/magician. In the retelling, we have transported the ballet to the circus. However, this is not an ordinary one. It's a circus of the mind that reveals the characters' souls imagistically, as the original did. Our magician is the Ringmaster, who dominates three clowns. Petruschka and the Moor are engaged in a competition for Columbine's attention; all three are seduced by the crowd's adulation. The Ringmaster readies his performers, with each protagonist having a turn in the light.  It culminates in a fever pitch conclusion with every act having its moment on the stage. In the denouement, our star performers compete one last time for the audience's adoration.