The Company

Romeo and Juliet

When Robert Weiss choreographed Romeo and Juliet to Prokofiev’s magnificent score in 1999 it was received as “a triumph on several levels.”  The ballet faithfully tells Shakespeare’s tale of the “star-crossed lovers” with drama and pathos, action and tenderness, humor and heartbreak.  The scenery and costumes are lush, and the lighting underscores the emotion of Shakespeare’s powerful play.  Weiss has choreographed wonderful street scenes with the citizens of Verona taking sides between the Capulets and Montagues that culminate in realistic sword fights and tragic deaths.  The ball where Romeo and Juliet first meet is fraught with tension, leading to the passionate balcony scene and pas de deux between the two young lovers.  The final scene in the crypt is gut wrenching and harrowing, leaving audience members breathless.