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The Little Mermaid

In the Kingdom of the Deep, Little Mermaid is turning sixteen and after the birthday celebration she will be allowed to go to the Land Above for one day.  All the sea creatures gather to join the celebration. The Sea Witch crashes the party, angry that she was not invited and jealous that the Little Mermaid has the most beautiful voice in the sea.

As she is ascending to the world of the humans, there is a terrible storm on the surface of the sea.  Above her, the Prince of the earthly kingdom’s ship sinks and he is thrown overboard. As he loses consciousness, he hears the magical voice of Little Mermaid as she rises to the surface.  She lays him gently on the shore and hides as he is discovered by a peasant girl who allows him to believe it was her who saved him.

The Sea Witch tricks the Little Mermaid into believing that the only way the Prince will fall in love with her is if she has human legs.  In exchange for her voice, the Sea Witch allows the Little Mermaid to pursue her dream of living above the water.  The Little Mermaid finds the Prince on the day of his wedding but runs away from the ceremony, upset by what is happening.  As the Prince kneels to put the ring on his bride’s finger, he realizes he has been tricked and that it is the Little Mermaid whom he truly loves. Searching for her, he finds she has turned back into a mermaid.  Has he lost her forever? Can their love survive?  Soon the lights will dim, the curtain will rise and you will find out!