Ronald West

As a lifelong dancer and graduate of NCSU, Ronald was mentored and trained under Kirstie Spadie of the North Carolina Dance Institute on a
full scholarship while attending the College of Design. He has studied and danced as a company member for the Black Box Dance Theater
lead by Artistic Curator, Michelle Pearson and Artistic Director, Cassie Meador.
A natural study, Ronald began assisting six months into his training and went on to teach by the end of his first year. He continues to define and explore a vast range of movement in his classes, and is always exploring cutting edge contemporary, hip hop and jazz styles. His professional work pushes social boundaries by using avant garde ideology and language, both verbal and nonverbal, to connect with each dancer and audience member. His work is a blend of high-concept choreography with movement that is progressively athletic, compelling and innovative.
He has danced for several professional productions both locally and nationally, and has collaborated with choreographers such as Diego Carrasco Schoch, Kate Davis, Courtney
Greer, Justin Tornow, Killian Manning and Michelle Pearson. Throughout his career he has had works featured and selected in the North Carolina Dance Festival, the Durham
Independent Dance Artists premiere season, and the upcoming independent documentary, Earth Caster.
Most recently Ronald traveled China to work as a diplomat for the U.S. State Department with the goal of using dance as a universal language with an overarching theme of
disabilities advocacy in order to help special needs children and everyday citizens across the country.