Choreographing Our Future



Letter from the Artistic Directors

Having just celebrated our 20th Anniversary Season, it seems a proper time to contemplate Carolina Ballet’s future. The accomplishments of the past 20 years have been significant. However, we still have much to look forward to in the future and we can’t do it without you, the community, behind us.

The guiding principles of this Campaign are our commitments to the future. The future is not only the next five years, but what this Company will mean and the role it will play in our community, our state and nationally for generations to come.

Commitment to Our Company

Carolina Ballet is committed to growing the Company alongside the amazing renaissance that Raleigh and the Triangle continue to experience. To this end, we look to increase the salaries of our dancers and staff. Adding to the number of weeks the dancers are employed will allow us to have more creative time, which will also better the lives of the artists who serve our community. As stewards of this company, we will invest in the infrastructure of Carolina Ballet with continued improvements in everything from our facilities to new technology which will assure us moving forward responsibly.

Commitment to Our Art Form

Carolina Ballet continues to lead the dance world today in the path of classical, neoclassical and modern classical ballet—eschewing fads and trends for the more difficult task of creating new work that grows out of the past, but is still relevant and speaks to us today. The reason the great artistic works of the past are timeless is because they are based on timeless principles. As the great French painter Eugene Delacroix said, “great art derives both from a humility before the past and a conviction that what has already been said
is not enough.”

We at Carolina Ballet have created more than 100 new works. In order for the art to survive, we must continue this process by making new work each year that moves the art form forward. All other creative artists, including painters, composers and writers, can create their work alone and take as much time as necessary to hone their ideas and inspiration. All ballets are created in collaboration with dancers. Choreographers, as the great George Balanchine once said, “work on union time.” This campaign will continue the number of exciting new works Carolina Ballet creates each year and reinforce the Ballet’s contributions to the relevancy and legacy of the art form.

Commitment to Our Community

Over the past 20 years, Carolina Ballet has brought ballet to tens of thousands of people across North Carolina. Through our collaborations with many corporations, foundations and individuals, we have introduced ballet to many people who have never seen it before—ages ranging from preschoolers to senior citizens—by traveling the state with such programs as Dancers in Schools, Cartwheels, Grow up Great, Moving Bodies/Learning Minds
(through the Kennedy Center), Leadership Raleigh, and student matinees
for The Nutcracker.

Carolina Ballet is constantly striving to show just how accessible this rich art form can be for people of all ages and backgrounds. Classical, theatrical dance is beautiful movement to beautiful music, sometimes with a story and sometimes just for the sheer joy of the dance. As with all great artistic endeavors, ballet gives us the opportunity to open our minds to the possibility of hope, peace and harmony. It entertains the highest sense of who we can be as humans. Reaching out to more and more people is always at the forefront of our thinking. This campaign will help us to continue to achieve this goal.

Robert Weiss and Zalman Raffael

For more information, please contact
Adam Schiffer
Development Manager