Individual Giving

Support Carolina Ballet

From the thousands of pointe shoes worn every year to accompanying our ballet dancers with live music, it is the generous donations from our supporters that helps us create the magic that is needed for Carolina Ballet to continue to be the region’s largest ballet company.


-Attracting high-quality dancers from around the world
-Training professionals with some of the country’s top ballet masters


-Offering the highest levels of dance education through the School of Carolina Ballet


-Transforming an artistic vision into reality with a theatrical mix of costumes, sets and lighting

Live Music

-Enhancing performances with the finest musicians
-Aiming to bring live musical accompaniment to every performance


-Providing access for thousands of low-resource and underprivileged students each year

For over 20 years, Carolina Ballet has grown into a company that now has an operating budget of over $6 million annually. In order to maintain world-class excellence, we are required to raise over $3 million from donations each year. We are appreciative and thankful for your consideration to give.


For Gifts of Stock or Other Appreciated Securities:
Method of Stock Delivery to the Carolina Ballet Electronic delivery through Depository Trust Company (DTC)
Carolina Ballet Broker: Raymond James & Associates
DTC Number: 0725
For Credit to Carolina Ballet Inc.
Account Number: #17931443 Carolina Ballet
Tax ID: 56-1445383

For more information about Individual Giving, please contact our development office:

Adam Schiffer
Director of Development


Marjorie Terry
Senior Development Associate


“Ballet exists only when people are performing.”

George Balanchine

Individual Gifts

Carolina Ballet would like to thank the following individuals who generously supported the Ballet from July 1, 2018 to December 31, 2019. The Ballet also recognizes those who have made the following additional commitments:

Multi-Year Pledge ★, Live Music Fund ♫, Creative Capital ♦, and Artistic Director’s Society-Planned Gift ♥.


Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm McDougal Brown ♦
Ms. Ellyn E. Daniels
Moise Khayrallah ★ ♫ ♦
Judy and Steve Zelnak ★ ♫ ♦ ♥


Anonymous (2)
Stefanie and Douglas Kahn ★ ♦ ♥
Mrs. Jolene B. McGehee ★ ♫
Mr. Michael Rierson and Dr. Kay Lowe ♥


Chip and Judy Anderson ★ ♥
Mr. John E. Malmstad ★
Dr. and Mrs. Clif Patterson ★ ♫ ♦ ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Roberg ★ ♥
Mr. J. Ormond Sanderson, Jr. and Mr. Robert K. Black
Carolyn and Sandy Stidham ★
Sandy Sully ★ ♫ ♦


Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett ★ ♫
Drs. Victor and Lenore Behar ★ ♫
William and Sandra Berry
Marion Johnson Church ★
Cindy K. and Thomas J. Cook ★
Michele and Laurence Corash LOU Fund ♫ ♦
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Green
Peter and Donna Heffring
John Thomas Hobby, Jr. Endowment Fund ♦ ★
Mr. Johnny Kerr ★
Judy and Gordon LeGrand ★
Candace and Michael Olander ★
Louise Pariser ♥
Florence and James Peacock
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Prystowsky ★
Dr. Robert Schantz ★ ♥
The Ann C. and C. Hamilton Sloan Family Foundation ♥
Eve and Sherwood Smith ★ ♥
Guy and Mindy Solie ★
Ms. Vera Tayeh
Katherine White and Thomas Urquhart ★


Mr. and Mrs. David A. Davenport ★ ♥
Mr. E. Thomas Franklin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Goldwater ♫
Dr. J. Keith and Katherine O. Keener ♫
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward Purrington ★
Dena and Charlie Silver ★
Ms. Jane A. Small and Mr. George F. Sanderson, III ★
Rob and Sally Tiller ★
LaVerne and Bob Wells ★ ♫ ♥


Mrs. Franc A. Barada, Jr.
Mr. Jeff Basham and Ms. Susan Garrity ★ ♥
Donna Block
Ronald and Maryellen Blum
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Boericke, Jr. ★
Nancy and Christopher Bolen ★
BRB Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Richard and Cynthia Brodhead
Clymer and Patty Cease ★
Brian and Cathy Cosens ★
Ronald and Nancy Davis
Margaret Deal ★
Mrs. Angela H. Dillard
Allyson K. Duncan
Dr. and Mrs. Charlie Foster, Jr. ★ ♫
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Grew ★
Dr. Carolyn T. and Mr. Michael S. Halpern
Carolyn Happer and Leonard Graham
Amy and Shaun Jones
Lynn and Daniel Langmeyer ♫
Nancy K. Lederer ★ ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Martin ★ ♫
Margaret McKean and John Peraza ★
John and Bonnie Medinger
Marjory Moe and Diane Staton
Ms. Dianne H. Oakland ♥
Sharon Perry and Robert Cooper ★
Mrs. A. L. Purrington, III ★
Larry and Debbie Robbins
Rosemary and Christopher Royce ★
Norrish Munson Rozgonyi
Charles A. and Elizabeth Ann Sanders Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Walter Shur ♥
Edward and Carol Smithwick, Jr. ★
Steven and Joan Techet
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Thomas ★
Alex and Taizo Uchiyama
Lars and Elisabeth von Kantzow ★
Peggy Wilks and Don Davis ♫ ♥
Brooklyn and Mike Winters ★


Anonymous (2)
Perri and Kevin Anderson
Jorgelina Araneda and Randall Stroud
Edward and Marlou Bacon ♫ ♦
The Baskerville Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Mr. C. Coleman Billingsley, Jr. ★
Jon and Lane Blank ★ ♥
Rebecca Christian ★
Mr. Brian Cook ★
Ruth and Sidney Cox ★
Dr. Roy Cromartie and Mr. Paul E. Fomberg
Holly and Grady Crumpler ★
Bob Dannegger
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. DeGrand ★♥
Jamie Drake
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Duke
Mr. Bobby Edgerton
Allison S. Elsee
Drs. Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent ★ ♫
Mrs. Mary-Owens Fitzgerald ★
Phyllis Gordon ★ ♦
Stephanie Gray and Toby Terrell
Drs. Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner ★
Dr. Peter Hamilton ♥
Dick and Sylvia Hoffert
Alice Irby and Andrea Irby ★
Richard and Barbara Irwin ★
Horace and Beckie Johnson ★
Bobby and Claudia Kadis ★
Chancy and Keith Kapp ★ ♫ ♦
Dr. Lawrence Kim
Jay Krueger and Jennifer Lohmann ★
Mr. James H. Lazenby
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Leak ★
Chuck Lewis and Laurie Heffner ★ ♫
Brock and Amanda McCloskey ★
Drs. R. Glen Medders and Paul E. Coggins
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. O’Connor
Susan and Dale Oller ★
Drs. Lochie B. Overbey and R. Donald Coffey, Jr.
Mr. Sung Paik
Barbara M. Parramore ★ ♫
Doren Madey Pinnell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plastina
Mr. Zalman Raffael ★ ♫
Edmund and Louise Reiss ★
Francine and Ralph Roberson ♫
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Robinson ★
Ms. Nancy M. Salmon
Anne and William Sena
Scott and Susan Joan Smiley Baker ★ ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steidinger ★
Col. (Ret.) Jay Stobbs and Dr. Mary Jo Hall
Catherine and James Stuart
W. John and Dorothy Swartz
Beverly Taylor ★
Helen H. White ♥
Tom and Lisa Williamson ★ ♫
Susan Wolf and Doug MacLean
Wendy and Brenda Woodley
Pilar and Chuck Zimmerlein


Anonymous (6)
Dr. B. Jasmine Adams ★
Mr. Christopher A. Adams ★
Ms. Ellen B. Adelman ★
Richard Adelman, M.D. and Jane Pinsky ★
Ms. Carole J. Akerly
Judith Ashbaugh and Dana Stahlman ★
Mr. Robert Auman and Mrs. Agnes Marshall
Maggie Bailey and David Levine ★ ♫ ♦
Dr. Vernee N. Belcher
Stanley W. Black
Carl Blackman and Carolyn Miller ★ ♥
April and Will Blackwell
The Blondy Family
Kathleen Blum, Paul Lester and Kadin Tallon ★
Connie and Elliot Bossen
Henry and Sory Bowers ★
Hal Bowman and Mercedes Auger ★
Ms. Gail P. Braun
Ms. Lucy Broadus
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Bryant
Sally Bugg
Colette Burrus ★ ♫
Ms. Laura Caggiano and Mr. Stephen Frederick
Dr. Elizabeth Campbell and Dr. James Godwin
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cass, Jr. ★
Joan Caviness and Scot Huber ★
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Clancy ★
June Clendenin
David and Karen Cook
Jane and Jon Cook ★
Mr. John Cooper
Francis F. Crannell and Deborah W. Lassiter ★
Jacobi Daley ★
Lowell Davidson ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Fred N. Day, IV ★
Drs. Diane Deresienski and Gregory Lewbart ★
Ms. S. Jill Diaz
Dr. Megan Justine Difurio
Melanie Black Dubis and Jeff Dubis ★
Sylvain Dufour and Vanessa Peeters
Ms. Clare S. Dupree
Bob and Candy Elder
Mr. Mark M. Epstein
Ms. Holly Erdmann ♫
Jenny Eury ★ ♫ ♥
George Evans and Karen Monaco
Liz and Britt Ferrill ♫ ♥
Mrs. Mary A. Fisher
Olivia and George Fleming ♫
Ms. Margaret W. Flintom
Jan and Alexander Floyd
Mrs. Nella Purrington Fulton
Mr. Paul Fulton, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Preston H. Gada
Ruth and Art Gerber
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald P. Gibson
Carol C. Gillham
Mr. and Mrs. James Fletcher Goodmon, Jr.
Joe and Carol Gosselin
Danielle Greco and Tony Bryant ★
Eileen Greenbaum and Larry Mintz
Ms. Laurie A. Griffith
Ms. Elizabeth Hadley
Ms. Gayla H. Halbrecht
Cheryl and Charles Hall
Dr. John E. Hammond
Mary Hamrick, Randy Hall, and Anna and Maria Boyer ★
Phil and Mary Hanna
John and Mary Kay Hannah ♫ ♦
Ms. Jeanne K. Harris ★
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Hart
Clark and Karen Havighurst
Dr. Michael Hickman
The Ella Ann and Frank B. Holding Foundation
Mr. Alan Hymowitz and Ms. Olivia G. Fried
Ms. Becky Johnson ★
Ms. Susan Joines
Jeff A.R. and Lisa M. Jones ★
Jo and Jim Kalat
Steve and Judy Kandall
Mr. Stephen L. Keith and Ms. Lisa C. Glover
The Thomas S. Kenan Foundation, Inc. ♫
Mike Killam and Candace Turney ♫
Bob and Charlene Kinelski
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Knowles ★
John and Raymonde Koonce ★
Heidi and Michael Lanford
Mr. Roger Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Liggett, III
Judith C. P. Lilley ★
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore H. Lingerfeldt, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert F. Lockamy
Mr. and Mrs. Allan J. Luihn
Donna and Eric Lupo ★
Stephen J. and Karen S. Lyons
Kathryn and Graham Lythgoe
Renate and Robert MacCloy
Ann and Webb McCracken
Mac and Susan McMichael
Mr. Steven Miller
Jim and Eileen Mitchell
Mrs. Rosalie Morris ★
Mrs. Joseph Moylan ★
Ron and Jeanne Muñoz
Jillian Munro
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Murphy ★
Ms. Christina Floyd Myers
The Lindsay Smith Newsom Family Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Thomas L. Norris, Jr. and Jane S. Norris
Dr. Julia O’Carroll and Dr. Gary Spodnick
Cedric and Sue Pearce ★ ♥
Patricia L. Pertalion ★
Anne Platsky ★ ♥
Scott and Donna Pliler ★
Mr. Antoine A. Ponton and Mr. Ryan W. Lenz
Mr. John Poverchuk
Dr. Nerissa Price
Mr. David E. Reid, III
Ms. Charlotte Kirk Reynolds
Mrs. Fran H. Richardson ★
Dr. Michael and Sandra Roberts
Erin and Brendan Scanlon
Dr. Harry M. Rosenberg and Ms. Theresa Joan Rosenberg
Libby Holding Ross
Mr. Kenneth Russell
Malinda and David Schantz
Joe and Dorothy Schmelzeis
Ms. Alice L. Schnapier
Kay Schoellhorn
Dr. Christopher O. Schonwalder
John and Catherine Schwab ★
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Scott, III
Kirk and Lois Semke ★
Lois Q. Semmens ♦
Jonathan Shaw and Matthew O’Connor
Pandora Nix Shaw ★
Mr. David L. Sheeks and Dr. Ann Marie Pendergast ★
Ms. Carole Shelby
Mrs. Nora Hutton Shepard ★
Karin Singleton ★ ♥
Ann and Tom Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Smith, III ★
Deborah A. Smith and David A. Seibert ★
Jonathan and Kathryn Wooten Sobel ★
Liddy and Todd Staker ★
David and Kimberly Swintosky
Betsy and David Taylor ★
Ms. Phillis Taylor
Alan B. Teasley and Andrew J. Wheeler ★
David and Theresa Tesh
Dick and Susan Timmons ♫
Dr. Joe Tooley and Mr. Dan DiGregorio ★
Phillip Trainor and Roberta Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Trowbridge ★
Drs. Debara Tucci and Kevan VanLandingham
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Tully ★
Edgar Vardanian and Heather Eberhardt
Dr. Page Wages
Tom and Mary Kennedy Ward
The Weisler Family Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Betty Buller Whitehead
Nell and Jim Whitlock
Suzanne Whitmeyer ★
Ms. Elizabeth Whitmore ★
Mr. and Mrs. Joel T.C. Williams ★
Ray C. Williams
The Winters Family ★
Meribeth Withrow
Joan and John Wrede
Heather and David Yeowell
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Zoffer ♥


Anonymous (6)
The 2019 Nutcracker Kids
Norm and Rebecca Aamodt
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Alexander, Jr.
Sarah Alston and Steven Barry
Beverly and Robert Atwood
Ann Bare and Thomas Zang
Tamara P. and Brent D. Barringer
Drs. Randal and Alice Batenhorst
Ms. Nancy B. Battiste
Arthur Benavie and Marcy Lansman
Dr. Sarah B. Berenson
Mary and Marianna Berry
Mr. and Mrs. Udo Blum
L. Ellen Bradley
Ms. Penelope H. Bridgers
Donna Bryant and Donald Stanford, Jr.
Ms. Carol Weisberg Burgess
Kay Burgess
Drs. Gregory and Coralie Cannon
Ms. Elizabeth F. Chenery
Stanley Chojnacki and Barbara J. Harris
Ms. Linda S. Christiana
Jack Clasen and Linda Brower ★
Mr. Justin Cranford ★
Carolyn Dalby
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lynn Davis
Stephen F. Davis and Nancy E. Shoemaker
June and Al Decker
Joe and Janie DeMario
Ms. Patricia Dube ★
Lilyan Vigo Ellis and Jarrod Ellis
Richard and Donna Falvo
Marsha Ferree and Michael Gering
Ms. Gisela H. Fleming
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Flynn ♫ ♦
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Fox
Donald and Elizabeth Frazer
Ms. Caryl G. Fuller
Sharon and J.C. Garbutt ★
Ted Glod
Ms. Jean M. Graham
Matthew and Nikiann Gray
Mr. Allen Greenberg
Mr. Owen Gwyn, Jr.
Ceil Weinstein Hall
Mr. and Mrs. James Healy
Harriet and Jim Hill
Nancy Hogg and Gretchen Hogg O’Briant
Bob and Kathy Hykes
Mr. H.V. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hugh Keefer
Ms. Shannon Kennedy
Martha N. Keravuori
Linda J. Kranendonk
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Lamey
Mark and Nancy LaPointe
Stephen and Julie Lowe
Debbie O. Lucas
Ms. Jennifer E. MacKethan
Tracy Mancini and Norris Cotton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Mattocks, II
Jennifer May
Dr. and Mrs. Russell G. McAllister, Jr.
Mary McMorris and Leonard Santoro ★
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Mescher
Addie Miller and Steve Butts
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony H. Monioudis
Ms. Millicent P. Mooring
Drs. Thomas M. and Elizabeth G. Motyka
Ms. Patricia A. Moylan ★
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mueller
Ms. Heather Munro
Ms. Allison R. Northcutt ♫
Ms. Susan Osborne and Mr. Stephen Reynolds
Ms. Margaret O’Shaughnessey ★
Dan and Marlene Palchinsky
Mr. and Mrs. J. Arthur Parker
Christopher Pennington
Harry and Tari Perlstadt
Ms. Patricia S. Peterson
Mr. Sean Pierson
Dr. and Mrs. Mark C. Pilkinton
Michelle and Charles Putterman
Mr. and Mrs. Orage Quarles, III
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, III
Mr. and Mrs. Hurley P. Raynor
Nancy Schiebel
Ellen Schloemer ★ ♥
Sarah Schroth
Ms. Claudia Seegraber
Ms. Jill Seifert
Faith and Arnold Shertz
Mrs. Cicely P. Shoemaker
Lynn and Sabetay Sides
Leslie and John Silverstein
Tom and Judy Jo Small
Ms. M. Lynn Smiley
Anita L. Stejskal ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence D. Sullivan
Mrs. Resi Thomas
Mark and Lucinda Thompson ★
Ms. Eunice L. Toussaint
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Trotter
Vivian and Barney Varner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Wachtel, III
Francine Warwick and Christopher Martin
Lydia Wegman and Robert Cantwell
Dr. Lawrence J. Wheeler
Louise Williams and Richard Silva
Victoria Wright
Carl and Louise Zorowski


Anonymous (6)
Leon and Sallie Abbas
Joel R. Adams ★
Ms. Terry D. Adkins
Mr. Lawrence L. Adrian
Ms. Beverly Allen
Mr. John Altuner
Prinny Anderson ★
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Armstrong
Ralph and Daphne Ashworth
Mrs. Barbara B. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Brian G. Banna
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Barfield, IV
Ms. Patricia A. Barnes
Ms. Lynn E. Beegle
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Beemer ★
The Bell Family Foundation
Lori and Aaron Bennear ★
Dr. Alexandra and Mr. Andrew Bentley ★
Michael Bertics and Carolyn Fleck
Mr. and Mrs. David Beuning
Carol and Bob Bilbro
Blair Bowers
Mr. and Mrs. C. O’Donnell L. Boyce
Kristina and Dale Brunelle
Joe and Janet Buff
Susan and Dennis Burns ♫
Jason Burns
Mr. Jaimon Caceres
The Caveness Family
Dr. Margaret K. Champion ★
Ken and Marilyn Cherry
Robert and Lucinda Chew
Mr. David Clappier
Ms. Sandra L. Clements
Jenn Collins and Paul Runkle
Dr. John and Robin Costello
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Coxe, III
Rev. Margaret G. Crandall
Ms. Laura Grady Crumpler
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Curtis
Ms. Anne E. Darter
Dr. Dorothy A. Demby-Paige
Yvonne M. DeWald ★
Ms. Lois M. DeWolfe
Ms. Elsie M. Eads
Shawn and Jacqueline Earle
Jo Anne and Shelley Earp
Terry Byrd Eason and Jonathan D. Whitney
Kathleen Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Erwin
Sherry Essig and Warren Raybould
Peggy and Jim Fain
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Fifield
Gene and Herbert Fischer
Dan and Michelle Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Flood
Paul and Leslie Friedrich
Elise and Sean Gannaway
Ms. Alison Gantt
Ms. Katherine Garman
John and Ouita Gatton
Dan Gaugert and Terry Harper ★
The Gilpin Family
Dr. and Mrs. A. Blanton Godfrey
Susan Dumas Godwin
Ekaterina and Robert Golub ★
Mr. Robert S. Goodale
Ms. Dawn Graham
Dr. Nancy Green and Mr. Andrew Huber
Mr. Crash Gregg
Emanuella Grinberg and Josh Stephens
Mr. Hugh Grist
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Grosser
Bob and Laura Gutman ★
Grey Hall
Mark and Beth Hallowell
Mr. William F. Hamlin, Jr.
Lee and Dotty Hanson
Ms. Lillian G. Harter ★
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Harvie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Haynes
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Head
The Family of Izzy Hemric
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Hipp
Ann E. Holloman
William and Mary Alice Holmes
Annette M.T. and Daniel Homiller ★
Mrs. Barbara W. Hood
Dr. and Mrs. Hank G. Hoomani ★ ♥
Mr. William L. Hopper ★
J. and Andrea Hosfelt
Jiaan Jelokhani
Liz and Tom Jochum
Laura Mary Johnson
Bob and Cecelia Jolls
Mr. and Mrs. Walton K. Joyner
Ms. Lillian M. Kaluza
Joan and Howard Kastel
Ms. Carol E. Kasworm
Annette Kirshner
Mr. Frank Lagano
Phyllis S. Larson
Ms. Jean A. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Lee
Mr. Russell V. Lee
Drs. Mark E. Leithe and Linda Gray Leithe
The Linthicum Family
Betsy Anne B. Lumsden
Sandi Macdonald and Henry Grzes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen N. Malik
Mr. Phil Malinosky
Kathy Maloney and Kevin Koch
Mr. Barry C. Mangum and Mr. Anthony C. Burden
Frank and Rebecca Maselli ★
Ms. Monica Mauk
Jim May and Richard Cox
Gary E. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. James J. McEnery
Mr. Matthew J. Melino
Susan Meredith
Sally Myers Moore
Vincent Moss
Barbara and Terry Murphy
Peggy and John Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Neely, Jr.
Mary LeGere and John Newton ♫
Casey Nguyen
Sue and Lee Noel
Donald and Patricia Novak
William Palmer and JoAnn Hotta
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Lee Parry ♫
Ms. E. Gail Perry
Deborah and Alan Petersburg ★
Sandra Phillips Yaggy ★
Mr. and Mrs. David Plucinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Powell
Ms. Helen Probst-Mills
Charles and Judith Proctor
Alan and Nancy Proia
Ms. Erika Radcliff
Ms. Mary B. Regan
Barbara J. Rhodes
Ms. Cameron Robbins
Ms. Louise A. Robinson
Ranae Rogerson and Mary H. Bridges
Tim and Ruth Ann Ross
Ms. Joyce A. Rothchild
Henderson and Jane Davis Rourk
Tom and Linda Rydesky
Ms. Jennifer Sapia
Scot Scheuring and Tod Carver
Anne and Steve Schmitt
Judith Silver
Ronald and Emily Sley
Ms. Patricia Sliwak-Grinberg
Mr. Christopher J. Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Harry J. Staggers
Drs. Barbara and Gordon Still
Ms. Deborah A. Stockdale
Bobby and Patty Stricklin
Barbara Strohbehn
Mrs. Thomas B. Suiter, Jr.
Julie B. Tomlin ★
Brea Torres
Mr. Daniel Triggle
Mr. James J.R. Tripp and Ms. Sara E. Baker
Dr. Kristina Kade Troost
Ms. Jan Tuchinsky
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Tyler
Bob and Terri Tyson
Eric and Karin Vander Elst
Carol Vatz ★
Mr. and Mrs. Ioannis Viniotis
Chris and Mary Perrin Vlahoplus
Ms. Mary E. Wagner
Anna Waller and Steve Marshall ★
Tyler and Julie Walters
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Wasserman
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Welker
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Whaley
Mr. Gordon P. Whitaker and Mr. Robert L. Hellwig
Kay Karslake White
Steve and Lesley Wilson ★
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Wilson, Jr.
Mary Ann Frese Witt
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk E. Woelffer
Janet S. Wolf
Bob and Kirin Wylie ★
Hong Yang and Craig Rooth
Mr. and Mrs. Smedes York
Mrs. Gerry Pope Young ★
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zellinger


Anonymous (14)
Mr. Jason Abraham
Mrs. Blanche L. Acquisto
Dr. Peter Adler
Ms. Laura Adrian
Ms. Diana Ahmadyar
Martha Albertson ★
Dwight and Robin Allen
Mr. George W. Alwon and Mr. Francisco A. Chavez
Ms. Katrina Andrews
Thomas and Bette Archie
Ms. Stephanie S. Ashworth
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Austin
Susan and Ron Aycock
Ms. Katie Bailey
Ms. Caroline Baker and Mr. Alan Corps
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew K. Ballin
Ms. Chadana Barnum-Parker
Mr. Paul F. Baron
Mr. Peter Barrett
Mr. Dale Bartenwerfer
Vincent and Christy Batts
Ms. Diane Beckman
Ms. Heidi C. Behrends
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher R. Bell
Ms. Minta Bell
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Benner
Tamar Beridze
Mr. Matthew Bernardina
Ms. Marjorie W. Best
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Betuker
Mrs. Marilyn Beumeler
Patricia C. Beyle
Dolores Bilangi
Ellen Blackmon
Ms. Ellen K. Blair
Peter N. Bleckner
Mr. Joshua Boatright
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Boney
Helen H. Bosse, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Bratton
Carole J. Breckinridge ★
Ms. Beth Brennan
Kayla Briggs
Ruth Bromer and Joseph Huberman
Ms. Sharon K. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David Browne
Fritz and Susan Brunssen ★
Ms. Meggie Bumgarner
Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Burroughs
Mr. Jake Busam
Ms. Patricia L. Butterfiled
Mr. Cronin Byrd and Mr. Wayne Freeman
Ms. Christine Cabot
Mr. and Mrs. John Calcagni
Mr. Kemp Camrey
Kayla Capps and John Woodlief
Philip and Linda Carl
Ms. Sandra D. Carlino
Ms. Kasey Carrere
Mr. Carl Carson
Ms. Sylvia L. Cash
Mr. David W. Casteel
Ms. Emily Castrodale ★
Mr. and Mrs. John Catalano
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Catlin
Bill and Alyce Cavanaugh
Barry and Irma Ceglia
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chapman, Jr.
Ms. Ingrid Chartrand
Wensheng Chen
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Church
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Burke Clark
Mrs. Rebecca Clayton
Ms. Peggy D. Cohn
Mrs. Julie R. Coleman
Dr. and Mrs. James R. Collier
Mrs. Marcella H. Congdon
Ms. Rachel Cooper-Leal
Ms. Lisa Coppola
Ms. Katherine Corney

In Honor Of

Ms. Kathleen Black
Mrs. Mary S. Bumgardner
Mrs. Holly D. Crumpler
Mr. Kiefer Curtis
Ms. Anne E. Darter
Ms. Morgie Duke
Mrs. Frances Fifield
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Green
Dr. Carolyn M. Happer (6)
Dr. Moise Khayrallah
Kyle and Rhiannon
Ms. Margot Martin
Mr. Marcelo Martinez
Margaret McKean and John Peraza
Ms. Lara O’Brien
Ms. Melissa Podcasy
Ms. Lindsay Purrington (3)
Mr. Zalman Raffael (6)
Dr. Harrry M. Rosenberg
Dr. Robert Schantz
Margaret Severin-Hansen and Richard Krusch
Mrs. Eve H. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Solie (3)
Ms. Cynthia G. D. Tracy
Mr. Robert Weiss (208)
Mrs. Liza Williams

In Memory Of

Ms. Lynda Blackmon Barger
Mr. William Lord Coleman
Mr. Joseph R. DeMario
Mr. Herbert Z. Halbrecht
Mr. A. Sidney Knowles, Jr.
Ms. Mary Marvel
Ms. Lilette Rohe
Mr. George Rozgonyi
Susan and Elizabeth Stoker
Ms. Saravette Royster Trotter
Mrs. Martha Zealy Ulmer
Mrs. Judith M. Vilter
Ms. Kathryn Weiner
Penny and Yanka

$100+ cont.

Rick and Patty Courtright ♫
Mr. Robert A. Cox and Mr. Matthew Bliss
Mr. John Craven
Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Creutzberg
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Cutler
Mr. Charles D’Angelo and Mr. Andrew Vitulano
Ms. Jane D. Darter ★
Linda Davenport
Ms. Cathryn Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey T. Davis
Jinnie and Jerry Davis ★
Mr. Fabio de Contreras
Jason and Laura Deans
Ms. Joanne Y. Dearth ★
Ms. Tabitha Dicks
Mr. Justin Dillree
Emily C. Dimaggio
Ms. Dobrinka Dimitrova
Mr. Joseph Distria
Mr. Thomas P. Doe
Andres Doernberg
Ms. Janice Driscoll
Kenny and Kristi Duke ★
Jim and Betsy Duncan
Ms. Tanaya Duncan
The Dunn Family
Drs. Karen D. Dunn and Scott A. McGeary
Lawrence S. Earley and Renee Gledhill-Earley
Debbie Easley
Saudey and Sidney Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elam
Ms. Kay C. Elting
A.H. Erickson
Ann K. Vilter Erickson
Ms. Rollins Etheridge
Zlato Fagundes and Kate Duchowny
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Farber
Ms. Emily R. Farr
Mr. David C. Farrell
Frances Fifield
Mr. Brian J. Fitzgerald
Ms. Hannah R. Ford
Al and Denise Friedrich
Holly Friedrick
Mr. Samuel H. Fritschner
Ms. Lara Galaviz
Catherine J. Gates
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Gebel
Mr. and Mrs. Azar T. Ghoddoussi
Mr. William R. Gilkeson, Jr.
Mrs. Nicholas C. Gilles
Sonia Giscombe
Ronald and Lea Glickman
Crystal and Raymond Goodman
Sarah L. Goodman and Family
Mr. Jon Gorman
Ms. Britta Groth-Nelson
Sue and Dick Guenther
Mr. Timothy Gurganus
Ms. Helga M. Gutmann
Patricia Gutzwiller and Alan Spiewak ★
Mr. Jon E. Hagenburg
Ms. Angela W. Halls
Mr. Adam Hancock
Bill Hannah
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene B. Harsbarger
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hart
Ms. Lynn Harvey
Mrs. Lisa O. Hathaway
Mr. and Mrs. John Heaven
Mr. John C. Henry ★
Mr. and Mrs. C. Theodore Hicks, II
Dave and Michelle Hile
Ms. Sunita Hill
Ann Hillenbrand
Mr. H. Paul Hodges, III
James Brandon Holland
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hollingsworth
Ms. Lauren P. Holst
Jewel Hoogstoel
Mr. David Hopkins
Emma and John House
Ms. Hui Hu and Mr. Li Li
Ms. Sherry Hubbard-Bednasz
Dr. Barbara Ann F. Hughes ★
Ms. V. Rosan Hutter
Mr. and Mrs. Danny L. Ingram
Bonnie and Fred Jacobowitz
Kevin Jeng
Dr. and Mrs. A. Tyson Jennette
Mr. John Jennings and Ms. Lisa Carpenter
Ms. Evelyn Jimenez-Medina
Xiling and Yun Jing
The Beau Jones Family
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert R. Jones
Keith and Cecelia Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kalning
Ms. Kristen C. Keenan
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kelly
Richard and Mary Lou Kennedy
Mr. Robert K. Kennedy
Ms. Sharon Kennedy
Mr. William Kennedy
Lawrence Kessler and Bonnie Bechard
Kathleen Kidd ★
Jesse D. Kitchens
Mr. and Mrs. Christian Knaus
Mr. Eric Knight
Rebecca and Pete Koelsch
Helen P. Koo and Richard Bilsborrow ★
Gretchen Kowalczyk
Ms. Cathy Pescevich Kreplin
Dr. H. Krim
Barbara Kunz
Aki Laakso and Alice Standish
Naomi and Charles Lambert
Marty and Leann Langley
Mr. Edward Larson
Ms. Lori Lay
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Learn
Ms. Amanda Lebow
Mr. and Mrs. Eddie D. Lechuga
Ms. Alisha Lee
Ms. Kendra Leonard
Ms. Joanne LeRose
Ms. Kelly Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. H. Gerhard Linke
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey M. Litwin
Ms. Joan E. Lockett
Mr. Tony Lockhart
Ms. Andra Lurie
Mr. Robert MacNeill
Ms. Lori A. Mahl
Lane Mangum
Mr. Trevor S. Marlow
Chris Martens and Robert Simmons
Mrs. Charlotte M. Martin♥
Mr. Manuel Martinez
Ms. Maureen Master
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Matthews
Ms. Donna Maultsby
Leila S. May and Donald D. Palmer★
Elizabeth Mazurik
Ms. Marquita McCoy
Mrs. Jeanette G. McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Macky J. McDonald, Jr.
Mr. Stephen McGinley
Mr. Christopher J. McIlravey
Mr. Douglas G. McKinney
Ms. Alexa J. McMahon
Mrs. Mary L. McReynolds
Ms. Paulette Mehas
Richard Melanson and Mary Matthews ★
Ms. Ellen Ann Melenikiotis
Ms. Pamela S. Michael
Mr. Justin D. Miles
Margaret S. Miles
Andrea and Norm Miller
Mr. Clayton Miller and Ms. Kristen Pagan
Mrs. Memory F. Mitchell
Ms. Nancy Mooney
Ms. Nina Moore ★
Ms. Sarah Moore
Mr. David Morris
Ms. Sarah Morris
Ms. Lauren Moseley
Ms. Amber Moshakos
Marsha and Duncan Munn
Mr. Robert Murdock
Ms. Glenn Murphy
Kathryn A. Murphy
Ms. Chelsea Nagy
Paul and Jeanne Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter K. Nickel
Harrison Nuttall
Mr. and Mrs. Henry L.W. Nuttle ★
Mr. Patrick O’Hara
Mr. William R. Orr
Ms. Jennifer Ott
Mr. Dion Ousley
Elizabeth and Dan Page
Paul and Phyllis Page
Dr. Anastasios Y. Papaioannou and Dr. Hannah J. Burrack
K.C. Park
Ms. Kristen E. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Parker ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Parmly
Ms. Mary B. Paterson
Mr. Luke Patton
Sandy Carter Pearce
Ms. Renee Peet
Mr. and Mrs. Graham H. Peterson, Jr.
Ms. Laura Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew H. Pettifor
Ms. Jill J. Pinto ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Ash Pipkin
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Pittenger Adam Pitts
Emily Plumb and Kevin Hernandez
Ms. Jean M. Porter
Ms. Ashley Potter
Dr. Thomas E. Powell, III
Grace and Mary-Edith Pox
Charlotte and John Presley
Penny Preston
Ms. Stephanie Price
Mr. and Mrs. Mack D. Pridgen, III
Ms. Sarah E. Putterman
Richardo Ramos
Coe and Kelly Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Rapp
Ms. Wendy Ready
Ms. Patty Reece-Benware
Mr. Bernard Reeves
Ms. Crystal Reffitt
Mr. and Mrs. Brian R. Regan
Maynette Regan
Ms. Calista Inman Reiss
Bart and Peggy Reuter
Mrs. Kay Richardson
Mr. John K. Rider
Lisa Rivera
Ms. Patricia Rivers
Ms. Sylvianne Roberge
Ms. Elizabeth Roberts
Mr. Franklin Sandy Roberts, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Roque, Jr.
Ann R. Rouse
Ms. Beth Rubin
Judith Ruderman
Ms. Shawna Russell
Mr. Sven Samoska
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Sansone
Ms. Harriet K. Sato
Ms. Cathryne Schmitz
Ms. Sondra W. Schneider
Ms. Linda W. Scott
Ms. Sue Scott
Mr. Randy Seiver
Ms. Shoshana P. Serxner-Merchant
Margaret Severin-Hansen and Richard Krusch
Ms. Marlene B. Sharak
Mrs. Edwina Hardy Shaw
Mr. Jonathan Shaw
Mr. Jacob Shivers
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Shultz
Ms. Rachel M. Silva
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Sinay
Ms. Yanina Slutskaya-Lowder
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Smith
Gilbert and Wendy Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harold A. Smith
Richard and Cathy Smith ♫
Ms. Julie Snyder
Ms. Kristin M. Spell
Zach and Nefretiri Spicer
Sharon L. Spray and Charles Allen
Ms. Sierra Sprehe
Mr. Christopher Stallings
Ruth Stalvey and Mark Phialas
Mr. and Mrs. Zeljko Stanfel
Mr. Andrew Stanley
Mrs. Margaret Steed
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dale Stillwell
Ms. Elizabeth Stratemeyer
James and Sandra Swenberg
Ms. Nancy Tavalsky
Ms. Susan E. Taylor
Lee Teague
Mrs. Bonne M. Tharrington
John and Lida Thoma ★
Ms. Julie A. Thomas
Debbie Thompson ♫ ♦
Ms. Mary Beth Tobin and Mr. John Connors
Ms. Margaret Todd
Jim and Phyllis Townsend
Ms. Cynthia G.D. Tracy
Ms. Delores A. Tuck
Mr. Brian M. Twara
Janet M. Ulmer
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Unick, Jr.
Ms. Megan Ventry
Ms. Ina Wallace
Patricia Wallace
Natalie Walton and Thomas Corbett
Ms. Claudia E. Warburg
Mr. and Mrs. David D. Warren
Laura and Randall Watkins
Mr. Kenneth Watkins and Ms. Elena Derzhavina
Ms. Pamela D. Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Wehland
Drs. Peter D. and Ann M. Weigl ♫ ♦
Angela Caveness Weisskopf
Sally and Ron Wenda
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Clark Werner
Mr. David Wherry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. White
Ms. Betty Whitehead
Ms. Sarah Wienecke
Mr. and Mrs. Mason L. Williams
Kate Williamson and John Kaplan
Ms. Deborah V. Wilson
Mr. Paul Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Cameron P. Winston
Lewis Woodham ★
Mr. Cecil W. Wooten
Major Benjamin Wynn
Ms. Kathryn Yandell and Mr. Lyne Gamble, Jr.
David and Norma Zendels


Anonymous (9)
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Albright
Ms. Anita Ali
Ms. Amy Allen
Mr. Jonathan Alley
Mr. Sam Almaguer
Mr. Richard Anderson
Ms. Elizabeth M. Arnold
Ms. Joanne L. Arocho-Maloney
Mr. Rodrigo Avendano
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baines
Ms. Aurora C. Baker
Ms. Darlene Baker
Ms. Kate Baker
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan C. Ball
Mr. Raymond Bane
Ms. Marilyn Bara
Ms. Leslie Barnett
Patrick Baryenbruch and Laura Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Baxter
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Baylock
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Berryman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Bhada
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Brickhead
Mr. and Mrs. James B. Black, III
Ms. Anna Boone
Mr. Gregory Borland
Ms. Denise Boughton
Mr. Ian Bowater
Ms. Dianne Bretz
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Briggs
Mr. and Mrs. David Brimer
Mr. Matthew Bristow-Smith
Nancy E. Brockman
Mr. Shane Brogan
Blackwell and Deborah Brogden
Ms. Janie Brooks
Ms. Carolyn Brouthers
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Brown, Jr.
Ms. Renee Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Bryson
Mr. Michael Bubnow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burger
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Burgin
Mr. and Mrs. Brian M. Burney
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Butler
Dr. and Mrs. G. Hadley Callaway
Ms. Sherrie P. Campbell
Ms. Carol Candler
Ms. Brenda Carbon
Terry, Karen and Sara Carlton
Mrs. Ruth Ann Carson
Ms. Kristen Carter
Ms. Susan Catchings
Ms. Colleen Causby
Ms. Ann Ceron
Lorna and Bill Chafe
Mr. Dick Christensen
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Chubb
Ms. Michelle E. Clancy
Ms. Nan W. Clarke
Ms. Sallie P. Clement
Ms. Christin B. Coan and Mr. John G. Moracco
K. Julianne Cohen
Mrs. Elizabeth M. Cooke
Ms. Jessica Coppock
Mr. Taylor Cowdery
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Cozzolino, Jr.
Ms. Jane Crabill
Dr. B. Kristi Crosier
Ms. Rebecca Cunningham
Ms. Phyllis W. Dabal
Mr. Mitchell Dail
Ms. Joan Danaher
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Davis, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney D. Davis ♪
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Dawes
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Deck
Mr. Jeremy Degroot and Ms. Crystal Justice-Degroot
Ms. Arie DeVries
Ms. Michelle Dewey
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Donohue
Ms. Lori I. Drum
Nicole Duggins
Ms. Camilla Dyer
Ms. Mary Eatmon
Ms. Donna Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Eisenstein
Ms. Joyce Elam
Ms. Kirstin M. Ellison
Ms. Lisa Espersen
Mr. Leslie Ewen
Mr. Frank Fee
Jane Ferdon
Ms. Katelyn Ferreira
Ms. Judith Ferster
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Findley
Ms. Laura Fischer
Ms. Colleen Flaherty
Ms. Ann Florian
Ms. Yamileidy Fontaine and Mr. Yamil Alles
Ms. Mary R. Forgach
The Fornaro Family
Ms. Johnna T. Forrester
Mr. Mark Foster
Drs. William L. Foster, Jr. and Sharon M. Foster
Ms. Randi Fox
Ms. Detra Franklin
Mr. Stavros Garantziotis and Ms. Sylvia Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Billy G. Gardner
Ms. Jane Gardner
Ms. Ruth Garkinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Gartside, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Gaughran
Dr. and Mrs. Tim Gershon
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Gilster
Ms. Holly M. Gloff
Ms. Jessica M. Godsey
Renu Goel and Gregory Renck
Mr. Christian Gomez
Mr. Juan Luis Gomez Arriaga
Ms. Rebeca Gomez Porras
Ray Gonzales ★
Mr. Mark L. Goppert
Ms. Nancy Griffeth
Ms. Nichole Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Guthrie
Ms. Kathleen Y. Terry Guy
Ms. Suzanne M. Hage-Houyoux
Mr. and Mrs. Assif Hal
Ms. Denise Hall
Ms. Svetlana Hall
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hall
Ms. Debra K. Hanley
Ms. Katherine Hanline
Ms. Heather Harper
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne L. Harper
Ms. Susan Harrington
Ms. Rebecca Harris
Ms. Katherine G. Harrison
Mr. Dante Haywood
Ms. Jena L. Hedrick
Ms. Kristine Hedrick
Mr. Max Herring
Ms. Amanda Hickerson
Ms. Andrea Hickland
Ms. Carol R. Hill
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Hill
Ryan and Jennifer Hill
Leslie M. Hinson
Ms. Eugenia McPeek Hinz
Ms. Katherine Dickinson-Hite
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald K. Hodgson
David William Hoover and Paulina Rodriguez Ortega
Mrs. Ellen H. House
Mr. Jonathan Hoza
Mr. Allen B. Hubbe
Ms. Kim Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Humes
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Hunsberger
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew M. Hunt
Ms. Lauri A. Hurd
Dr. and Mrs. Frank Hurley
Ms. Laureen Irvin
Ms. Bette I. Israel
Ms. Judy Ives
Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Jackson
Ms. Renee Jaramillo
Joy Deborah Javits
Mr. Ty Jenks
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jennings
David and Cynthia Jennings ★
Mr. Christopher D. Johnson
Ms. Leah Johnson
Ms. Patricia Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas W. Jones
Ms. Rebecca A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Jorgenson
Jimmy and Elizabeth Juhl
Ms. Elizabeth Kasbohm
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald H. Katzin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew H. Keil
Ms. Barbara Kelley
Ms. Olivia Kemp
Ms. Barbara Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Scott J. Kennedy
Ms. Dalia Khoury
Mr. Stanley C. Kimer
Ms. Kelly Kinney
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Kirk
Ms. Alyssa Kishore
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Kleven
Mr. Troy Klinger
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Knox
Mr. Erik Knudsen
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis G. Koegel
Mr. and Mrs. Mark David Kolanach
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Koonce
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B. Kopf
Ms. Leslie Koster
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Kregor
Mr. and Mrs. Dwight J. Kring
Michael Kris
Dr. Charles L. Kronberg
Mr. Walter Laines
Ms. Robin W. Landsman
Mr. Allen Latham
Ms. Tammy Laurence
Mr. Jay Laurens
Mr. Henry Lengefeld
Ms. Cath Leonowens
Ms. Pearl H. Levine
Ms. Amanda R. Levinson
Ms. Cassia Lewis
Ms. Kathy A. Lewis
Mr. Paul Lipchak
Ms. Diana T. Little
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Lochren
Ms. Millicent Lombardo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Lopez
Mrs. Elaine Lorenzoni
Mr. Aaron Lucas
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Lumpkin, III
Ms. Anita C. Lynch
Ms. Deborah Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Malaer
Mr. and Mrs. Andy T. Maldonado
Ms. Michele Maloney
Mr. Caleb Mancuso
Ms. Paula Mandarino
Ms. Linda M. Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Marchuk
Ms. Constance B. Margolin
Ms. Jess Marrano
Cynthia and Christopher Martens
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Martin, III
Ms. Melissa Martinez
Ms. Christine W. Massey
Ms. Stephanie Mathis
Ms. Pearl McAdaragh
Ms. Linda M. McCarley
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick McKelvey
Dr. Mary B. McKinney ★
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. McLamb
Mr. and Mrs. John McLean
Ms. Gertrude McVicker
Ms. Liz Meador
Mr. Jose Medrano
Ms. Andrea Mensch and Mr. Steven Edelstein
Mr. Edward A. Miles
Ms. Sally C. Miller
Dr. Holly Mills
Ms. Marjorie Ann Mitchell
Ms. Susan H. Mitchell
Mr. William L. Mitchell
Ms. Terri Moore
JoAnne Morlote
Ms. Sara Morris
Ms. Amber Moser
Joel and Evelyn Mullen
Leigh Grant Mullen and Alex Azad
Ms. Hannah C. Mullis
Mr. Randall Mullis
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. Murphy
Mr. Carl Nagle
Ms. Nicole Negron
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton S. Newton, III
Ms. Jacqueline K. Nyberg
Ms. Laurel Okulski
Mr. and Mrs. David Pallister
Mr. and Mrs. George Papageorgiou
Ms. Amanda Parker
Ms. Delores A. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Parry-Hill
Kathy Pavel
Ms. Olivia Peachley
Mr. Curtis Peer
Ms. Suzanne Pernell
Mrs. Ana L. Peterson
Ms. Sarah Phillips
Mr. Zachary Pomeroy
Mr. and Mrs. George D. Porter, Jr.
Mr. Nathaniel Poulin
Ms. Allison Powers
Mr. Henry Presler
Ms. Martina Price
Ms. Mary Puckett
Mr. and Mrs. Jason D. Purkey
Ms. Keila Purnell
Mr. Vincent Pusateri
Mr. Robert Qi
Andrew and Jamily Quinn
Hannah Rains and Heath Grant
Ms. Tiana Ralliford
Mr. Patrick M. Raulet
Ms. Catherine Raza
Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Reed
Ms. Mamie Rice
Chris and Diana Richardson
Ms. Brenda Riddle
Ms. Sarah C. Riley
Mr. Michael S. Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Robbins
Ms. Susannah Roberson
Ms. Karen M. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Brian A. Robinson
Ms. Dana G. Robinson
Mr. Christopher Roede and Ms. Marian Johnson
Ms. Barbara Rogers
Ms. Erica B. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. David Rosar
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Rosenberg
Ms. Cecilia M. Rosman
Mr. and Mrs. Jason R. Rosser
Ms. Anissia Roth
Ms. Kathleen M. Russell and Mr. William L. Ditto
Ms. Marjorie K. Salzman
Ms. Carol Satsky
Ms. Evelyn R. Savitzky
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Sayre
Ms. Kathryn Schliebe
Mr. Derrick Scott
Ms. Jackie See
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Segal
Mr. and Mrs. James K. Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Selzer
Mr. and Mrs. John Semanick
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Shaleesh
Mr. and Mrs. W. Scott Sharp
Mr. Christian B. Shelton
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Sherman
Ms. Marywinne Sherwood
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Shouse
Kristina Shuford
Ms. Sally Siggens
Ms. Mina Silberberg
Pamela Sinclair
Ms. Mary Sklodowski
Ms. Stephanie Slaughter
Mr. Aaron Smith
Mr. Charlie Smith
Ms. Cynthia Smith
Ms. Keli Smith
Ms. Kimberly Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael L. Smotherman
Ms. Joy Snipes
Ms. Golda Sobol
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory J. Soustek
The Sprague Family
Kristin and Dave Sroka
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Stam
Mr. Linnell Stanhope
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Steffen
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Stickford ♪
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stolbach
Ms. Joyce A. Strand
Mr. Dan Strickford
Ms. Eliza K. Strickland
Ms. Elizabeth N. Strickland
Mr. and Mrs. Derek H. Stroud
Mr. and Mrs. Warren A. Stuart
Mr. and Mrs. Allen P. Summerford
Mr. Hunter F. Surles
Mr. Andrew R. Swanson
Ms. Kate Swift-Scanlan
Ms. Barbara D. Taylor
Ms. Kay P. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Travis R. Taylor
Mr. Brian Teasley
Ms. Karen Thajudeen
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Thompson
Mr. Luis Toledo and Ms. Krista Paredes
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Tomlinson
Mr. Michael Triplett
Mr. and Mrs. Erik W. Troan
Ms. Leah Tucker
Ms. Catherine A. Tyner
Mr. and Mrs. Harrison A. Underwood, III
Mr. Robert W. Upchurch
Kathryn Van Buren
Mr. Nathan VanDeVelde
Ms. Jessica Varda
Ms. Matilde Vassallo
Ms. Christine Veillard
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Vickers
Ms. Ida G. Viken
Rose Von Krusze and Michael Gathman
Ms. Eileen Walewski
Ms. Daryl F. Walker
Ms. Georgia Marie Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. Morris C. Walton
Carmen I. Ward
Ms. Sara Ward and Mr. Christopher Kalinowski
Ms. Danielle Warner
Mr. Keith Washo
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Wayne Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Watson
Ms. Carolyn Webster
Mr. James Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Jon T. Weisz
Ms. Mary Anne T. Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Whitaker
Ms. Gabrielle White
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn White, III
Mr. Lee White
Ms. Leigh White
Mr. and Mrs. David Wiehle
Ms. Carol A. Wiener-Biessel
Mr. and Mrs. Jan M. Wilczynski
Mr. James A. Williams, Jr.
Ms. Sandra Williams
Ms. Jacklin Williamson
Mr. Jesse Williamson
Mr. Mark Wilson
Ms. Marlene Wilson
Richard and Gina Wilson
Mr. Scott Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Winn, Jr.
Ms. Ashley Witherspoon
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Witherspoon
Mrs. Patricia C. Witt
Ms. Amanda Wojoski
Mrs. Alexandra Wolf
Ms. Whitney E. Wolf
Dr. Kelly Wood
Ms. Michele Woodard
Mr. David Worrell
Ms. Barbara B. Wynne
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Yannaccone


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