Individual Giving

Support Carolina Ballet

From the thousands of pointe shoes worn every year to accompanying our ballet dancers with live music, it is the generous donations from our supporters that helps us create the magic that is needed for Carolina Ballet to continue to be the region’s largest ballet company.


-Attracting high-quality dancers from around the world
-Training professionals with some of the country’s top ballet masters


-Offering the highest levels of dance education through the School of Carolina Ballet


-Transforming an artistic vision into reality with a theatrical mix of costumes, sets and lighting

Live Music

-Enhancing performances with the finest musicians
-Aiming to bring live musical accompaniment to every performance


-Providing access for thousands of low-resource and underprivileged students each year

For over 20 years, Carolina Ballet has grown into a company that now has an operating budget of over $6 million annually. In order to maintain world-class excellence, we are required to raise over $3 million from donations each year. We are appreciative and thankful for your consideration to give.


For Gifts of Stock or Other Appreciated Securities:
Method of Stock Delivery to the Carolina Ballet Electronic delivery through Depository Trust Company (DTC)
Carolina Ballet Broker: Raymond James & Associates
DTC Number: 0725
For Credit to Carolina Ballet Inc.
Account Number: #17931443 Carolina Ballet
Tax ID: 56-1445383

For more information about Individual Giving, please contact our development office:

Adam Schiffer
Director of Development


Catherine Perkins
Individual Gifts Officer


Marjorie Terry
Senior Development Associate


Kirsis Concepcion
Development Associate


Ellyn Daniels
Community Liaison and Gift Officer


“Ballet exists only when people are performing.”

George Balanchine

Individual Gifts

Carolina Ballet thanks the following individuals who generously supported the Ballet during our 19th season (from July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018). The Ballet would also like to recognize those who have made the following additional commitments:
Multi-Year Pledge ★, Live Music Fund ♫, Creative Capital ♦, and Artistic Director’s Society-Planned Gift ♥.


Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm McDougal Brown ♦
Ms. Ellyn E. Daniels
Moise Khayrallah ★ ♫ ♦
Judy and Steve Zelnak ★ ♫ ♦


Anonymous (2)
Stefanie and Douglas Kahn ★ ♦ ♥
Mr. Charles W. Millard, III


Chip and Judy Anderson ★ ♥
William and Sandra Berry
Peter and Donna Heffring
Mr. John E. Malmstad ★
Dr. and Mrs. Clif Patterson ★ ♫ ♦ ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Roberg ★ ♥
Mr. J. Ormond Sanderson, Jr. and
Mr. Robert K. Black
Carolyn and Sandy Stidham ★
Sandy Sully ★ ♫ ♦


Mr. and Mrs. William T. Barnett ♫
Drs. Victor and Lenore Behar ★ ♫
Blair Bowers
Ms. Nella P. Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Green
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Grew ★
John Thomas Hobby, Jr.
Endowment Fund d
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Kahn
Mr. Johnny Kerr ★
Judy and Gordon LeGrand ★
Mrs. Jolene B. McGehee ★ ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Meltzer
Candace and Michael Olander ★
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stuart Phoenix
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Prystowsky ★
Dr. Robert Schantz ★ ♥
The Ann C. and C. Hamilton Sloan
Family Foundation
Guy and Mindy Solie ★
Robert Weiss and Melissa Podcasy
Katherine White and Thomas Urquhart


Mr. Jeff Basham and Ms. Susan Garrity ★ ♥
Mr. E. Thomas Franklin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Goldwater ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Pariser y
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ward Purrington ★
Larry and Debbie Robbins
Walter Shur ★ ♥
Eve and Sherwood Smith ★ ♥
Rob and Sally Tiller ★
LaVerne and Bob Wells ★ ♫ ♥
Peggy Wilks and Don Davis


Dr. and Mrs. John G. Alley, Jr.
Mrs. Franc A. Barada, Jr.
Mr. C. Coleman Billingsley, Jr. ★
Jon and Lane Blank ★ ♥
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Boericke, Jr. ★
Nancy and Christopher Bolen
BRB Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Richard and Cynthia Brodhead
Joan Caviness and Scot Huber
Clymer and Patty Cease ★
Marion Johnson Church ★
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Davenport ★ ♫ ♥
Lowell Davidson
Ronald and Nancy Davis
Margaret Deal ★
Mrs. Angela H. Dillard
Melanie Black Dubis and Jeff Dubis ★
Allyson K. Duncan
Dr. and Mrs. Charlie Foster, Jr. ★ ♫
Carolyn and Michael Halpern
Eileen and Michael Hendren Fund
of Triangle Community Foundation
Shaun and Amy Jones
Nancy K. Lederer ★
Nancy and Edward G. Lilly
Mr. and Mrs. Philip T. Martin ★ ♫
Margaret McKean and John Peraza ★
John and Bonnie Medinger
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Plastina
Mrs. A. L. Purrington, III ★
Francine and Ralph Roberson
Rosemary and Christopher Royce ★
Norrish Munson Rozgonyi ★
Charles A. and Elizabeth Ann Sanders Fund of Triangle Community Foundation
Dena and Charlie Silver ★
Ms. Jane A. Small and
Mr. George F. Sanderson, III ★
Dr. and Mrs. Edward L. Smithwick, Jr. ★
Steven and Joan Techet
Lars and Elisabeth von Kantzow ★
Brooklyn and Mike Winters ★


Perri and Kevin Anderson
Jorgelina Araneda and Randall Stroud
Gail Arneke and Dale Villeponteaux
Mr. Robert Auman and Mrs. Agnes Marshall
Edward and Marlou Bacon ♫ ♦
The Baskerville Fund of
Triangle Community Foundation
Scott and Laura Bayzle ★
Ronald and Maryllen Blum
The Castiller Family ★
Janice R. Christensen
Gordon and Rebecca Christian ★
Mr. Brian Cook ★
Cindy K. and Thomas J. Cook ★
Brian and Cathy Cosens ★
Dr. Roy Cromartie and Mr. Paul E. Fomberg
Holly and Grady Crumpler ★
Bob Dannegger
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander J. DeGrand ★ ♥
Drs. Diane Deresienski and
Gregory Lewbart ★
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Duke
Mr. Bobby Edgerton
Mrs. Mary-Owens Fitzgerald ★
Phyllis Gordon ★ ♦
Joe and Carol Gosselin
Stephanie Gray and Toby Terrell
Drs. Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner ★
The Ella Ann and
Frank B. Holding Foundation
Alice Irby and Andrea Irby ★
Richard and Barbara Irwin ★
Horace and Beckie Johnson ★
Bobby and Claudia Kadis ★
Chancy and Keith Kapp ★ ♫ ♦
Lou and Don Kline
Jay Krueger and Jennifer Lohmann ★
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Leak ★
Chuck Lewis and Laurie Heffner ★ ♫
Brock and Amanda McCloskey ★
Drs. R. Glen Medders and Paul E. Coggins
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Mitchell
Marjory Moe and Diane Staton
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. O’Connor
Susan and Dale Oller ★
Drs. Lochie B. Overbey and
R. Donald Coffey, Jr.
Barbara M. Parramore ★ ♫
Sharon Perry and Robert Cooper ★
Doren Madey Pinnell
Mr. and Mrs. W. Trent Ragland, III
Edmund and Louise Reiss
Mr. Michael Rierson and Dr. Kay Lowe
J. Michael and Libby B. Robb ★
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Robinson ★
Dr. Harry M. Rosenberg and Ms. Theresa Joan Rosenberg
Ms. Nancy M. Salmon
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Skvarla, III
Scott and Susan Joan Smiley Baker ★ ♫
Mr. Chad Stall and Dr. Karen Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Steidinger ★
Col. (Ret.) Jay Stobbs and Dr. Mary Jo Hall
W. John and Dorothy Swartz
Beverly Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Thomas ★
Alex and Taizo Uchiyama
Helen H. White Y
The Wills Charitable Fund
of Schwab Charitable
Pilar and Chuck Zimmerlein


Anonymous (7)
Dr. B. Jasmine Adams ★
Mr. Christopher A. Adams ★
Ms. Ellen B. Adelman ★
Richard Adelman, M.D. and Jane Pinsky ★
Ms. Carole J. Akerly
Mr. and Mrs. J. Brook Alexander
Carrie and Andy Alspaugh
Judith Ashbaugh and Dana Stahlman ★
Hopie and Allen Avery
Maggie Bailey and David Levine ★ ♫ ♦
Dr. Vernee N. Belcher
Carol and Bob Bilbro
Stanley W. Black
Carl Blackman and Carolyn Miller ★ ♥
Kathleen Blum, Paul Lester, and
Kadin Tallon ★
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Boney
Henry and Sory Bowers ★
Hal Bowman and Mercedes Auger ★
L. Ellen Bradley
Ms. Gail P. Braun
Mr. and Mrs. Jarrett D. Brown ★
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Bryant
Colette Burrus ★ ♫
Mr. and Mrs. Colin M. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Cass, Jr. ★
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Cece
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Church
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Clancy
June Clendenin
David and Karen Cook
Jane and Jon Cook ★
Dr. John and Robin Costello
Ruth and Sidney Cox ★
Francis F. Crannell and
Deborah W. Lassiter ★
Jacobi Daley ♫
Claire Ennis and Jerry Daniel
Ms. Joan-Ellen Deck
Dr. Megan Justine DiFurio
Ms. Patricia Dube ★
Mr. Sylvain Dufour and
Ms. Vanessa Peeters
Mr. Clayton I. Duncan ★
Ms. Clare S. Dupree
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elam
Bob and Candy Elder
Allison S. Elsee
Ms. Holly Erdmann ♫
Jenny Eury ★ ♫ ♥
George Evans and Karen Monaco
Drs. Richard Felder and Rebecca Brent ★
Mrs. Mary A. Fisher
Ms. Margaret W. Flintom
Ms. Christina Floyd
Mr. Paul Fulton, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Imre Gaal, Jr.
Ruth and Art Gerber
Nicholas and Carol Gillham
Alicia and Sean Gilsenan
Anna and Jimmy Goodmon
Mr. Owen Gwyn, Jr.
Cheryl and Charles Hall
Mr. William F. Hamlin, Jr.
Dr. John E. Hammond
Mary Hamrick, Randy Hall, and
Anna and Maria Boyer ★
Carolyn Happer and Leonard Graham
David Thomas Hardison and
Orian T. Thompson Y
Susan Harmon-Scott, Attorney at Law ★
Ms. Jeanne K. Harris
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy B. Hart
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin J. Harvie, Jr.
Clark and Karen Havighurst
Mr. and Mrs. Terry A. Henderson
Harriet and Jim Hill
Mr. Alan Hymowitz and Ms. Olivia G. Fried
Ms. Becky Johnson ★
Ms. Susan Joines
Jeff A.R. and Lisa M. Jones ★
Jo and Jim Kalat
Mr. Peter Karabinis
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Hugh Keefer
Mr. Stephen Keith and Ms. Lisa Glover
Mrs. Frank H. Kenan
Bob and Charlene Kinelski
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Knowles ★
John and Raymonde Koonce ★
C. Thomas Kunz ★
Michael and Heidi Lanford
Mr. Larry E. Larson
Mr. Roger Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Frank R. Liggett, III
Judith C. P. Lilley ★
Marilyn and Don Lummus
Donna and Eric Lupo ★
Stephen J. and Karen S. Lyons
Kathryn and Graham Lythgoe
Tracy Mancini and Norris Cotton
Ken and Paige Marsh
Ann and Webb McCracken
Mac and Susan McMichael
Notie Vay and Frank Meadows
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mebane
Anne McLaurin
Mr. W. Carlton Midyette, Jr.
Bill and Linda Mitchell
Jim and Eileen Mitchell
Ms. Haleh Moddasser
Mrs. Rosalie Morris ★
Ron and Jeanne Munoz
Jillian Munro
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Murphy ★
Betty J. Neese
Lindsay Smith Newsom Family Fund
of Triangle Community Foundation
Thomas L. Norris, Jr. and Jane S. Norris
Ms. Allison R. Northcutt ♫
Dr. Julia O’Carroll and Dr. Gary Spodnick
Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy C. O’Herron
Ms. Susan Osborne and Mr. Stephen Reynolds


Reid and Susan Overcash
Mr. Sung I. Paik
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Painter
Kim L. Parke and Edward De Simone
Cedric and Sue Pearce ★ ♥
Patricia L. Pertalion ★
Mr. and Mrs. Earl N. Phillips ♥
Anne Platsky ★
Scott Pliler ★
Mr. Antoine A. Pontón
Mr. John Poverchuk
Dr. Nerissa M. Price
Elizabeth and John Purrington
Rajaie Qubain
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Reddin
Ms. Charlotte Kirk Reynolds
Mrs. Fran H. Richardson ★
Lillian Richardson
Dr. Michael and Sandra Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Robinson
Libby Holding Ross
Mr. Kenneth Russell
Joe and Dorothy Schmelzeis
Ms. Alice L. Schnapier
Kay Schoellhorn
Dr. Christopher O. Schonwalder
John and Catherine Schwab ★
Kirk and Lois Semke ★
Lois Q. Semmens ♦
Anne and William Sena
Pandora Nix Shaw ★
Jonathan Shaw and Matthew O’Connor
Mr. David L. Sheeks and
Dr. Ann Marie Pendergast ★
Mrs. Nora Hutton Shepard
Faith and Arnold Shertz
Karin Singleton ★ ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Skinner
Ann and Tom Slade
Tom and Judy Jo Small
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lee Smith, III ★
Deborah A. Smith and David A. Seibert ★
Liddy and Todd Staker ★
Diane L. Staton
Catherine and James Stuart
David and Kimberly Swintosky
Ms. Phillis Taylor
Betsy and David Taylor ★
Alan B. Teasley and Andrew J. Wheeler ★
David and Theresa Tesh
Dr. Joe Tooley and Dan DiGregorio ★
Phillip Trainor and Roberta Wood
Drs. Debara Tucci and
Kevan VanLandingham
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Tully ★
Edgar Vardanian and Heather Eberhardt
Dr. Charles and Diane Wallas
Weisler Family Fund
of Triangle Community Foundation
Dr. Lawrence J. Wheeler
Suzanne Whitmeyer ★
Ms. Elizabeth Whitmore ★
Mr. and Mrs. Joel T.C. Williams ★
Ray C. Williams
Marjorie and Stewart Wilson
Steve and Lesley Wilson ★
The Winters Family ★
Meribeth Withrow
Mr. William N. Wofford
Joan and John Wrede
David and Heather Yeowell
Mr. and Mrs. Smedes York
Mr. and Mrs. David B. Zoffer ♥


Anonymous (7)
Mr. Lawrence L. Adrian
Beverly and Robert Atwood
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald R. Bagwell
Ann Bare and Thomas Zang
Randal and Alice Batenhorst
Ms. Nancy B. Battiste
Mr. and Mrs. Michael S. Becker
Ms. Heidi C. Behrends
Arthur Benavie and Marcy Lansman
Mary and Marianna Berry
Anna and Jim Bettendorf
Mr. and Mrs. David Beuning
The Blondy Family
Ms. Amy Boyd and Sarah Sledge
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Bratton
Ms. Penelope H. Bridgers
Mr. and Mrs. L. Howard Brooks, Jr.
Donna Bryant and Donald M. Stanford, Jr.
Kay McDowell Burgess
Susan and Dennis Burns ♫
Richard Busby
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis W. Carter
Jess Cevetello
Dr. Margaret K. Champion ★
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Chapman, Jr.
Jack Clasen and Linda Brower ★
Rev. Margaret G. Crandall
Mr. Justin Cranford ★
Dr. Elizabeth M. Crawford
Ms. Laura Grady Crumpler
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lynn Davis
Stephen F. Davis and Nancy E. Shoemaker
Yvonne M. DeWald ★
Andres Doernberg
S. Worth Dunn, III
Barry Evans and Marla Wright-Evans
Liz and Britt Ferrill ♫ ♥
Ms. Jessie L. Fiedler
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley H. Fox
Mary and Fred Frantz
Paul and Leslie Friedrich
Mary Susan Fulghum, M.D.
Ms. Caryl G. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Fussell
Sharon and J.C. Garbutt ★
Mr. William R. Gilkeson, Jr.
Mr. Robert S. Goodale
Ms. Jean M. Graham
Danielle Greco and Tony Bryant ★
Eileen Greenbaum and Larry Mintz
Mr. Allen Greenberg
Mr. Peter Guild
Ms. Gayla H. Halbrecht
Ms. Ceil W. Hall
Dr. Peter Hamilton ♥
Mr. and Mrs. David Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. James Healy
Dr. Michael Hickman
Dave and Michelle Hile
Nancy and Gretchen Hogg
William and Mary Alice Holmes
Herbert Huene ★
Bob and Kathy Hykes
Ran and Joan Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kempf, III
Martha N. Keravuori
Paul and Alexandra Kilgore
Ekaterina Korobkina ★
Linda J. Kranendonk
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Lamey
Stephen and Julie Lowe
Debbie O. Lucas
Betsy Anne B. Lumsden Mr. Marcelo Martinez and
Mr. Jaimon Howell
Frank and Rebecca Maselli ★
Bob and Carol Mattocks
Dr. and Mrs. Russell G. McAllister, Jr.
Ms. Mary R. McKeaney ★
Mary McMorris and Leonard Santoro ★
John Morrison and Barbara Archer
Mrs. Joseph Moylan ★
Ms. Patricia A. Moylan ★
Matthew and Catherine Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Parker ♥
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Lee Parry
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Peden, Jr.
Christopher Pennington
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Peters
Ms. Patricia S. Peterson
Mr. Sean Pierson
Alan and Nancy Proia
Mr. and Mrs. Orage Quarles, III
Ms. Erika Radcliff
Richardo Ramos
Maynette Regan
Ms. Barbara Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Schantz
Ellen Schloemer ★ ♥
Mrs. Cicely P. Shoemaker
Lynn and Sabetay Sides
Leslie and John Silverstein
Edmund G. Studley and
Donna A. Merkwan ★
Mr. Hunter F. Surles
Mr. Thomas Sweasey
Mark and Lucinda Thompson ★
Dick and Susan Timmons ♫
Ms. Jennifer B. Torrey
Ms. Eunice L. Toussaint
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Trowbridge ★
Vivian and Barney Varner
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Wachtel, III
Tom and Mary Kennedy Ward
Louise Williams and Richard Silva
Ms. Yang C. Yang
Ms. Tiffany A. Zwerling


Anonymous (3)
Joel R. Adams ★
Ms. Terry D. Adkins
Martha Albertson ★
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Alexander, Jr.
Sarah Alston and Steven Barry
Prinny Anderson ★
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Anderton, Jr.
Ralph and Daphne Ashworth
Mrs. Barbara B. Baker
Mrs. Lynn S. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Barfield, IV
Ms. Patricia A. Barnes
Ms. Lynn E. Beegle
Lori and Aaron Bennear ★
Dr. Sarah B. Berenson
Dolores Bilangi
Mr.and Mrs. C. O’Donnell L. Boyce
Sally Bugg
Ms. Carol Weisberg Burgess
Jason Burns
Deborah Cade
Dr. Elizabeth Campbell and Dr. James Godwin
Drs. Gregory and Coralie Cannon
Blanche Capel
Ms. Emily Castrodale ★
Stanley Chojnacki and Barbara J. Harris
Ms. Sandra L. Clements
Ms. Jennifer L. Cutchin
Carolyn Dalby
Dr. Dorothy A. Demby-Paige
Ms. Lois M. DeWolfe
Ms. Elsie M. Eads
Shawn and Jacqueline Earle
Terry Byrd Eason and Jonathan D. Whitney
Ms. Kathleen Eaton
Ronni Lester Ebbers ♫
Mr. Isaac J. Edwards ★
Sherry Essig and Warren Raybould
Richard and Donna Falvo
Dan and Michelle Fisher
Edward Fiske and Helen (Sunny) Ladd
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory C. Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Flynn ♫ ♦
Ms. Alison Gantt
Dan Gaugert and Terry Harper ★
Mr. and Mrs. Tres Glenn
Ted Glod
Dr. Nancy Green and Mr. Andrew Huber
Ms. Suzan Greeson
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Grosser
Bob and Laura Gutman ★
Dr. Anthony and Dr. Arlene Hantjis
Ann E. Holloman
Meredythe and Irwin Holmes ★
Elizabeth Myatt Holsten ♫
Annette M.T. and Daniel Homiller ★
Mr. and Mrs. Sui-Ping Hong
Mrs. Barbara W. Hood
Mr. William L. Hopper ★
Dr. Michele M. Hoyman
Dr. Barbara Ann F. Hughes ★
Liz and Tom Jochum
Laura Mary Johnson
Bob and Cecelia Jolls
Ms. Lillian M. Kaluza
Joan and Howard Kastel
Myra G. Kornbluth
Mr. Frank Lagano
Vicky Martin Langley
Mr. James H. Lazenby
Mr. Russell V. Lee
Drs. Mark E. Leithe and Linda Gray Leithe
Douglas C. and Annie Groven Long
Mr. Phil Malinosky
Kathy Maloney and Kevin Koch
Jennifer May
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. McGuire, Jr.
Susan Meredith
Mr. F. Gregory Metz
Jonathan and Penny Miller
Vincent Moss
Drs. Thomas M. and Elizabeth G. Motyka
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Mueller
Ms. Heather Munro
Barbara and Terry Murphy
Sue and Lee Noel
Dr. Joseph and Jody Pagano
Paul and Phyllis Page
Dan and Marlene Palchinsky
William Palmer and JoAnn Hotta ★
Dr. Elizabeth F. Parsons
Deborah and Alan Petersburg ★
Dr. Thomas E. Powell, III
Barbara J. Rhodes
Michael and Elizabeth Ross
Scot Scheuring
Ms. Ingrid E. Schneider and Mr. David R. Reiger
Judith Silver
Ronald and Emily Sley
Jonathan and Kathryn Wooten Sobel ★
Ms. Kristin M. Spell
Anita L. Stejskal
Barbara Strohbehn and Fred Smith
The Nutcracker Kids
Julie B. Tomlin ★
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Trotter
Ms. Jan Tuchinsky
Eric and Karin Vander Elst
Anna Waller and Steve Marshall ★
Ms. Pamela D. Webber
Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Whaley
Kay Karslake White
Mary Ann Frese Witt
Christian and Elizabeth Witzke, III
Elaine and Fred Wood
Lewis Woodham ★
Sandra Phillips Yaggy
Mrs. Gerry Pope Young ★
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Zellinger
Carl and Louise Zorowski


For questions regarding your donor listing, please contact:
Marjorie Terry, Senior Development Associate at 919-747-8454 or