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Dancers in Schools

Since 2004, Carolina Ballet has brought Dancers in Schools all over North Carolina and reached over 60,000 students in grades 3-5. This engaging, one hour program introduces students to the world of professional ballet. Two Company dancers discuss their lives as professional dancers, what their day is like, and the hard work and determination it takes to be a dancer. They demonstrate and lead students in basic ballet positions and movements and perform a short piece. There is a focus on healthy living choices, and the program connects dance with science, math, physical education, and social studies.

Prior to the program, teachers receive educational materials to help connect Dancers in Schools with classroom learning. There are pre-program and post-program activities that enhance the experience and help students make meaningful connections.

We are now booking Dancers in Schools for the 2018-19 school year!

Program Dates:
February 18-22
April 15-19

Grades 3-5
Fee: $325 for one presentation / $500 for two / $650 for three (same school, same day)
Additional Travel Fees may apply outside of the Triangle.
Contact Lisl Vaillant, Education Coordinator, for more information or to inquire about availability.

For Frequently Asked Questions about DIS, click here.

Feedback from Participating Teacher
“It was wonderful....the rapt attention of my students spoke volumes!” – Dance Teacher

“The program was extremely valuable. The dancers were amazing, well prepared, thorough, and accessible for the kids. I think it's so important for our kids to be exposed to the arts in many different ways and to see that men as well as women can be dancers.”      – Music Teacher

“My students have a different view of Ballet. I'm sure most of them will never forget their experience. The students will certainly remember what they can do to stay healthy like dancers and may even look into either trying dance class or going to a Ballet at some point in their lives. Honestly most students said they didn't want to see Ballet or experience it but now every single one of them is interested and certainly has a different view of the Arts!” – Music Teacher

Feedback from Participating Students
“My favorite part was when they performed for us. I’ve never really seen ballet that close.”
– 5th grader

“My favorite part was when we all got to do a dance. I liked it because it was fun and it felt like we were in the ballet.”
– 4th grader

“It was amazing how flexible they are. It teaches me anything is possible.”
– 4th grader

“My favorite part was when the man got to carry the ballerina because it looked unbelievable, and amazing, and something I’ve never seen before.”
– 5th grader