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Having just celebrated our 20th Anniversary Season, it seems a proper time to contemplate Carolina Ballet’s future. The accomplishments of the past 20 years have been significant. However, we still have much to look forward to in the future and we can’t do it without you, our community.

The guiding principles of this Campaign are our commitments to the future. The future is not only the next five years, but what this Company will mean and the role it will play in our community, our state and nationally for generations to come.

Choreographing Carolina Ballet’s Future is a

We hope you will join us as we lay the foundation for Carolina Ballet’s future.
Zalman Raffael



You can become a part of Choreographing Carolina Ballet’s Future by:

  • Making a multi-year commitment to the Annual Fund;
  • Making a special gift to the Creative Capital Fund and help bring live music to all the
    Raleigh Memorial Auditorium performances;
  • Including Carolina Ballet in your estate plans.


We are thankful for the many individuals who generously contributed to the Choreographing Carolina Ballet’s Future. Through their multi-year commitments, legacy gifts, and helping us meet Judy and Steve Zelnak’s $750,000 challenge, early investors to the Campaign are enabling Carolina Ballet to:

  • Retain our talented dancers, craft artisans, technicians and staff—those individuals who are directly responsible for bringing our ballets to the stage. We are making strides toward offering salaries and contracts that can compete with other professional ballet companies and performing arts organizations across the country.
  • Ignite a passion for dance in our children by offering world-class training in the Triangle for beginner to pre-professional dancers through our new School of Carolina Ballet. With the opening of the school, we have added more than 4,000 square feet to our Atlantic Avenue studio complex.
  • Offer an additional program featuring live music. The ability to fill Raleigh Memorial Auditorium with orchestral accompaniment for the live music performances is a gift to our dancers, our community’s professional musicians, and to everyone who experiences Carolina Ballet.

Judy and Steve Zelnak's Matching Campaign Gift Challenges

$750,000 Matching Gift Challenge

Join the Zelnak’s challenge with any new or increased gift in support of the Annual Fund.

Live Music Challenge

The cost of an orchestra accompaniment at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium will be matched by the Zelnaks.

$2,000,000 Legacy Gift Challenge

Every new dollar committed to the Ballet’s Artistic Director’s Society will be matched up to $2 million by a legacy gift from the Zelnaks.


“Steve and I both recognize what a unique gift Carolina Ballet is to our community. It is a cultural jewel and economic asset that we need to foster, not just now, but for the future. This was the impetus for our commitment. The Ballet is an important part of the cultural fabric that makes Raleigh and our area unique. It is our hope that an increasing number of individuals and businesses will join us and the many other current supporters in lifting Carolina Ballet to an even higher level.”

—Judy Zelnak, Carolina Ballet Board Member

For more information, please contact

Adam Schiffer
Director of Development